About PSRB

With the presentation of this web portal, we take an additional, important step towards total transparency, effective communication and consolidation of the Bureaus that compose the Public Service Regulatory Board (PSRB), a new government model that reduces administrative costs and makes us more efficient in providing the services that the people need. Within the demanding task ahead, this web portal will serve to illustrate the complexity of our functions at the service of Puerto Rico, navigate through each of the components of the PSRB (Energy Bureau, Transport and Public Services Bureau, Telecommunications Bureau and the Independent Consumer Protection Office) and will be able to access the services that each one provides. All the necessary information, public hearings, decisions made and online services, among others, will be just a click away. We have organized this web page in a simple way, and it is clearly structured so that access to it is fast, pleasant, efficient. Likewise, all the Bureaus of the PSRB will have information that should prove valuable to those under their jurisdiction or that have a particular interest. Our interest in the Public Service Regulatory Board is that this portal faithfully reflects the tasks we perform, our responsibility to carry out the assignments that the laws have delegated to us, and that those who need our online services use them without setbacks. That is our commitment.


Facilitate the conditions for the effective regulation of transportation, telecommunications, and energy services with the private sector, promoting the aggressive development of economies and better integrated services.


Our mission is to regulate, supervise and efficiently manage the operations of the Transportation, Telecommunications and Energy Bureaus, to ensure a service of excellence and in accordance with the best public service.


We aspire to be an entity recognized for its integrity, independence, commitment, responsibility, and excellence in the service it provides to the industries it regulates, its customers and other interested parties. Promoting through effective control and regulation, the economic development of the country.